Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Measuring Growth

As of April 6th, I have a new grandson named Nathan.  Nathan has a brother named Gabriel who was born exactly 17 months ago on Nov. 7th.

So when I saw this cute idea on Pinterest I quickly pinned it knowing I would be making one of these as well.  (Pinterest is such a great resource for creative ideas.)  You can see step by step instructions for the one shown above on Whipper Berry.

I started by marking off the inches.  That was going fine until I reached 39. (rather mimics life, don't you think?)  Anyway, I thought about stopping for the night but kept going even though I was getting tired.  You would think I would have learned by now that is never a smart idea.  Yes, I lost focus and put the number 39 above 37 without skipping a mark.  I was able to clorox out the number, tea stain the burlap and then put the little red stitching back in with a colored pencil.  (When things like this happen, I always tell myself that only God is perfect. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

I continued stencilling on the numbers when I was wide awake and took them up to 6' just as Heather did with hers.

I could not find the little tags shown in the original. (would you believe Hobby Lobby does not carry these?)  I could have tried an office suppy store as Heather suggested but because I planned this chart for both my grandsons, I punched circles of two different colors from card stock.  I used sticky backed dot circles to write their information, stuck the two together and laminated it.

I used tie tacs instead of safety pins for mine. 

I just hot glued the little circle tag to the head of the pin, pushed it through the burlap, squeezed the backing and slipped it onto the pin.  It worked quite nicely.

I used a circular box from Hobby Lobby as my storage container.  I painted the bottom and the lid in red acrylic paint, cut paper to fit around the sides, and glued a ribbon around the lip of the lid.

Rolled up, the webbing fits nicely and additional tags store easily in the middle.

Because I plan to use it for two boys, I did not put their names on the burlap.  As you can see here their birth height/length is quite close. (only 1/4" difference) It will be interesting to see how that plays out as they get older.  I'm thinking that means they will be really close buddies even at 6' tall.