Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shopping: random vs retail

Like many of my readers, my "go to" shopping places do not include the malls.  In fact, other than groceries, cleaning products and toiletries, I rarely buy anything that wasn't pre-owned.  Shopping the thrift stores, yard sales, and consignment shops requires a reverse kind of thinking.  Although you might have a "would love to find" list, you go without expectations and generally come home with things that hadn't crossed your mind.

For example, yesterday I picked up this framed picture of Saint Anthony.  It measures 33"x 29".  Did I have a spot picked out for a picture this size?  "No!"  And I still don't.  But I have a solid friendship with this Patron Saint of Lost Things.  He has saved me time and again in my searches, so when I saw it, there was no doubt it was going home with me.

At that same yard sale I picked up this set of drawers.  Not on my non-existent list but they do fall into that storage/container category that occupies a file in my mind. They also fit other criteria like old, carved, interesting hardware and so on.

There are some items that are perpetually on that mental list and are automatic purchases when they show up for the right price.  Scrabble letters fit this category because they are so handy for a variety of projects that include gift wrapping and table settings.

Then there are those items that are currently popular and desired by that group of whatever we call ourselves. (collectors, crafters, DIYers)  So when such an item presents itself for a good price, it is an automatic purchase. ($3 at St. Vincent de Paul was the right price.)

 At the Goodwill Outlet store the other day where everything is sold by the pound, I saw four of these. (2 tall and 2 short)  They were so tangled together that at first I wasn't even sure how many there were.  I spent some time getting them separated and then some more time wondering how I would use them.  Finally I decided I now had too much time invested in them to leave them behind.  (This should not be a tough decision at 39 cents a pound but my storage area is getting a bit crowded and sometimes I have to talk myself into things no matter how cheap they are.)

 Yesterday I stepped over this iris stem that was growing parallel to the ground and thought...I should stake that up with something.

And lo and behold, I had just that something.

So now that beautiful-to-be iris is upright and ready to blossom with out being trampled.

And random shopping has been vindicated once again.

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