Monday, May 14, 2012

Buttons Galore

This is part three on the inspiration I get from Pinterest.

There is a fascination for me of jars filled with buttons.  The variation in the tones of white, the sizes, the shapes, the textures and the luminosity makes me want to find a way to display them.  Or maybe I just like to play with them.

Sometimes putting them in a pretty jar is all that is needed to display a collection of buttons.

I thought this jar worked well for these identical buttons.

I pin my button ideas to either my DIY board or my Neat Stuff board on pinterest so I have it for reference when I feel like some button therapy.

I haven't tried this one yet but I think it is rising to the top of that "must try" list.

This one is awesome.  It would be fun to do a series of dresses in buttons....if I could just stay focused long enough.

I was losing interest by the time I finished this pillow so I'm not sure I have the attention span required for a series of anything.  The blog post on this pillow can be found here.

I thought these were quite sweet and I did make 3 of them.  That project is on hold until I get the right gauge of wire but I think I'll make more.  They are easy enough when you have the right materials.

Many times going back to the origin of these projects does not net you any instructions so there is some trial and error involved. (FYI:  a dab of glue on the paper petal to hold it close to the button helps.)

Here they are in sepia...not the full bouquet I saw on Pinterest but I like this just as well.

Here is a variation on the flower idea and I will probably give that a whirl too.

This is a little country for me so I doubt I'll make this but I threw it in for those of you who might get inspiration from it.  Maybe a tree for Christmas done in all button ornaments...who is feeling industrious?

  I kept playing with my arrangement as you can see from these photographs.

I gathered the white and creamy buttons in my collection and arranged them with a few other items.  Then I played with Picasa for some different effects.

Pencil sketch is an interesting variation. I like the way it makes my vintage postcard stand out.  I saw the picture/card holder on Pinterest too.

I have several glass doorknobs and I want to make these  for sure.  Again, no instructions so I need to find the right gauge wire and....


perfect my technique.

I am still struggling with lighting techniques as well.

The effects offered in Picasa do make it easy to give some "so-so" photos a little edge.

Before dismanteling all my props, I had to snap a few with my antique sewing machine.

I played with effects here...

and here. 

and couldn't resist the pencil sketch one more time.

All in all I had several hours of cheap entertainment just playing with my stuff.  Retirement is a lot like early childhood.  It's all about playing with your favorite things.

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