Friday, May 11, 2012

The Odd Board

(continuing from last post titled;  Pinterest Inspires)

I have one Pinterest board out of 48 that stands out as odd because it in no way relates to any of the others.

It is titled, "shoes I would love to wear"

I truly do love cute shoes,

vintage shoes,

colorful shoes, (this might be a connection as I do relate in every way to color)

occasional shoes,

outrageous shoes,

and so on.  But, for a variety of reasons I no longer wear any of these.  My Pinterest board of shoes has become my fantasy board.  For reasons too boring to mention, I now navigate through life in Birkenstocks. 

This past weekend I was reminded of the Law of Attraction (you manifest what you think about and/or pin about).  A long time friend visited me for the weekend.  Her 99 yr. old mother passed away recently so she brought a few of her mother's things for me.

This box does contain shoes and they were not Bill's, although Bill did get married. 

I'm sure he wore something more conservative...probably black.  These were for the mother of the groom and stylin' she was.

 Bill was married in 1961 so I assume these would be considered vintage or close to it.  Cinderella here would love to squeeze her foot into these just for fun but...

It doesn't really matter that they are too small for me.  They will still have a spot on my fantasy board.  And so, just one more thing from Pinterest pops into my life.

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