Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pinterest Roundup

I'm sure you have gathered from the past few posts that I am quite a fan of Pinterest.  I question when the novelty will wear off, but for me it is still running strong.  However, I do need to tie up my running dialog about my Pinterest fascination because I have a few other things that are now ready/almost ready to be published. rapid fire.  #1

 Serving and eating utensils on weathered wood.

I found these weathered boards in an alley.

The forks?....honestly I have had them forever, and I don't remember how they came to be mine.

I couldn't resist throwing in this photo.  I had these hanging from the chandelier over my dining table for awhile.

Old luggage is popular right now and....

suitcases are showing up as a decorative item in magazines and, of course, on Pinterest.

My collection is rather haphazard.  I have yet to figure out a sensible way to use/display them.


This strikes my fancy but it seems a little unrealistic in my current home.  And secondly, I don't think my collection is quite worthy of such effort.

I also aquired this trunk via my neice.  There is one difficulty I have to overcome before it can be anything more than decorative.  It is locked, you see, and no one has the key.  I called a locksmith and he told me to bring it in and they would try the keys they have on hand to see if one works.  Crime shows make picking locks seem so easy.  I thought I would give it a try.  I now have eliminated that as an acquired skill on my resume.

Little drawers lend themselves to so many decorative possibilites.

I have this set of four that I haven't touched yet.  But, because I have another post ready and I'm trying to round this one up....I'm cheating a little and showing you my intentions.

More intentions.  I have four of these as well.  They are not a top priority just yet. 

These are a Must Have for me.

And I will... one of these days.  Just not right away.  I have some hot fires burning on another project which I will share soon.

There are so many more ideas I have snagged and started, but... I need to move on to something that is completed.  We will get back to those other things in a later post.

I will have a new post in a couple of days.  It's a start to finish project.

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