Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Drama Just The Facts

I think I've learned a lesson about blogging.  That lesson is:  Never mention a follow up post before you have it ready to publish.  Twice I have promised a post on the vanity for the new powder room and again....I'm still waiting to get final pictures.  There have been some delays and a rearrangment in priorities.  With that said, I am ready to tell you what has been happening with this project.  The vanity post will more predictions as to when!
We left off with this butler's pantry being removed and the upper cabinets being reinstalled in the basement.

After demo of the wall, we are now able to walk from the pantry area into the alcove of the dining room.

Here is the view from the new powder room looking into the pantry and past that to the kitchen.  The powder room door will be just this side of the window you see in this photo.  So, basicly, I will still have the same size pantry but without the cabinets.
The framing for the door is now up with a transom planned for above the door.  To the left of the door I will have about 32" for some kind of storage. (details to follow)

Getting everything in that goes behind the walls is time consuming, but we are getting closer to drywall.

From the dining room side the alcove looked like this.  The wall to separate this alcove from the dining room was installed before the demo to minimize the dust to the rest of the house.  The dining room side of this wall was drywalled and the bathroom side left open for plumbing and electic.

 The effect of no longer being able to have the light from that window in the dining room and the feel of losing that space was dramatic but acceptable. 
In the foreground you see a radiator on a dolly.

Originally that radiator was in the alcove and backed up to the pantry.

It was disconnected and moved along with the marble slab beneath it. (Yes, the marble had a crack so it is in two pieces but they will fit together perfectly and all will be fine.)  PS: Previous dining room wall colors can be seen on the wall behind where the radiator stood.  The chair rail was removed in the alcove and in the dining room.

A niche was created in the dividing wall for the radiator.

That wall has been primed.

And the baseboards are being installed so that soon the radiator can settle into this spot and the system can be filled with water and set to go....not that it's is predicted to hit 107 degrees today!

It's progress folks, and, as with any remodel that's what we cling to day to day.

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