Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Sparkling Detail

A big step forward today!  The switches got connected to the wiring and the chandeliers soared into position to cast a glow over the new powder room and pantry.
The story behind the purchase of this chandelier is in an earlier post.

A few modifications were made to change it from a swag to a center light that would hang from the circular opening in the ceiling.

I found paper to cover the candle holders and glued it in place.

I used a spray on glue applied to the paper only and that worked fine.  I also added the glass saucers that I picked up at a sale.

I was able to buy 4 large crystal prisms at a going-out-of-business sale.

All together it was the simple look I wanted for the powder room.

The one I origionally had my sights on is now ancient history.

The single light bulb hanging from the pantry ceiling was looking a little understated.  So I dug through my stash and found one that with a little Stainless Steel spray paint fit the bill.

I needed a little help from my brother to figure out the arrangement of parts when reassembling the fixture.  I always think I will remember how it goes and sometimes I draw pictures and make notes.  But it seems that no matter what I do to prevent it, I always have trouble arranging the parts in the same order they were in when I dismantled it. (ignore the purple bulb???)

I had this paper on hand and decided to try it for the candle covers.

Adding a few crystals uped the sparkle factor.

Now that the lighting is in place we can better see our way to finishing the rest of the details.

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