Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weakness for Wallpaper

I drool over wallpaper books and envision different patterns in various rooms of my house.  Over the 35 years I have lived in this house I have had wallpaper in the kitchen, the dining room, one bath and 5 different bedrooms.  I hung it all myself and bought it off the shelf.  On the cheap, as that's my style. Some things have changed since those early years here.  I'm a lot older and have not wallpapered in probably 20 years.  The other thing is, wallpaper has gotten more expensive.  Those two things make using wallpaper in this bathroom and hiring it hung a little pricey.  But, I decided to just buck up and go for it because the thing that hasn't changed is my frugality. 
I narrowed my picks down to these two.  The toile looks really good with the vanity and the damask looks good with the floor tile.  I really like them both but I finally settled on the greenish teal.  It is a York wallcovering (pattern #BR 6266-Name: Linear Damask)  It comes in a total of 6 colors and they are all smart looking.

I decided to paint the walls behind and to the left of the vanity for reasons I will explain in another post.  Basicly I papered the equivilent of two walls.

I started the paper on the backwall of this niche,

did the wall the ladder is leaning on which only took 3 strips and then did both sides of the window.  Not much really.  Six single rolls and 7 hours.  I don't take breaks so that 7 hours is as much steam and speed as I could muster.

I had a few snafus but on the whole it was easy paper to work with.

As hard as my contractor tried he could not bring the outside walls back to perfectly straight and square but the pattern in the paper seemed to minimize any matching imperfections.

I think it is a gorgeous pattern and the colors work really well for my room.

Another detail documented and more to follow shortly.

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