Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going with the Flow

This morning I was off for the YMCA before sunrise.  Pretty impressive, right?  This is how that works.  I really don't like to exercise so I joined the Y to guilt myself into exercising.  You see, if there is one thing I dislike more than exercise, it's spending money on something I don't use.

It was a little nippy this morning and about a mile down the road my feet are feeling like a little heat.  That's when I realized I was wearing birkenstocks and not tennis shoes.  So I took the next left and attempted to take another left but that happened to be a one way so I went 1/2 block further to the alley.  Remember, it's not light yet, headlights are on.....and my foot hits the brake.  It was an automatic reflex.  I have trained for this and my body responds from lots of practice.

This was in the back of my van faster than you would think I could move. (and it's not lightweight wicker either.)  I continued on home and shoved it into my garage.  Then back into the car and off again before I missed out on...

these.  Note, one is a rocker.

By now it was definately time for coffee and a cranberry muffin.  All thoughts of the Y had faded.  There was that faint promise of "maybe tomorrow."  We'll see.  I'm in training to go with the flow.

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