Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Custom Cards

A good friend of mine is finally making her hidden talent public.  She has been drawing cards for family and friends for years.  After some nudging, she is now offering her artistic talent and wild creativity to everyone interested in custom cards.

Here are just a few samples of her work.

Some of these are cards I received for my birthday or other special occasions.

Provide her with something going on in the life of someone you know and she will transform it into a card that was personalized just for them.

She has Christmas cards that can be purchased in bulk as well.

These cards are keepsakes.

It is a wonderful greeting for somewhen when you want the card to say more than the generic ones you buy retail.

It also saves you lots of time standing in the card aisle trying to find a card that fits the person you have in mind.

Information on purchasing these cards can be found at

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