Thursday, November 22, 2012


I have so much to be grateful for on this day of giving thanks.  But, I'm not going to give you a list.  I know you all have meaningful lists of your own.  I just wanted to wish everyone a joyful Thanksgiving Day with expectations that you are enjoying it with people close to you.

I picked a few current things from my list to share in pictures.

I am especially grateful for the wonderful weather we have enjoyed this Fall and for the beautiful color that hung on so long. 

It allowed me to get so much accomplished that wouldn't have happened in colder weather.

One of those things was the rehab of my back porch.

 Unexpected repairs mushroomed into major renovation.
But, it is sound again with lots of new parts including the siding and a new paint job.  Still waiting on the arrival of the light fixture that goes over the doors.

I have a big family and they are a wonderful bunch of relatives.  Relax, if any family members are reading this, I'm not going to toss your photo into cyberspace.  But indulge me just a tiny bit while I send special wishes to my darling grandchildren who have so much to look forward to.

Keep an eye on what is wonderful in your life...

 And your life will be wonderful.

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