Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Impulse Buy

Blog posting has slipped in position with the beginning of the holiday season.  I have some posts in the works but until they are ready, I thought I would do a few short posts on the side activites that are consuming some of my time.

One of them is not snoozing in this lounger.  However, the lounger is the subject of this post.

While my sister was in town for Thanksgiving we did some shopping.  We popped into a mid-century resale shop called TFA. (The Future Antiques)  That is where we spotted this lounge chair.

We could not resist taking it for a test ride.

A push of the button puts it in the fully reclined position.  Super comfortable!

I debated whether I really "needed" another chair while I rested comfortably in the busy store.  I might mention the owner plugged it in so the chair was giving me a gentle vibrating massage while I considered the color, where I would put it, and if this was just too impulsive.

Just as I was about to pass, the price dropped by $50.  The next thing I knew we were loading it into my van.  We were just able to slide the van doors closed and I had a deal.

Actually, an even better deal than I thought.  Not only is it a great for relaxing with feet elevated while getting a massage.  It is perfect for internet browsing on the laptop, reading, and watching television.  It is also really easy to fall asleep and miss the end of your favorite show.  But, that is the only downside I have found.  No buyer's remorse here.

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