Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ninety Degrees to the Left

In the last post I showed you the mantel in the dining room.  Since then I have added the antlers to the display.

My intent was to somehow mount these and hang them, but I'm starting to like the idea of being able to move them around and use them on tabletops.

With the silver tray collage and the chandelier reflecting in the mirror, this looks a little cluttered.  Another angle for this shot could have made it better.
But, moving on to the real purpose of this post, let me direct your attention to the left a sharp 90 degrees.

You may remember the lamp I changed from gold to silver and the shade I sprayed black. 

I finally made the flowers from a 1/2 yd. of black organza.  I also made a few petals from a wide black ribbon that had some sparkle scattered throughout.  I attached the petals with the tiniest dab of hot glue and my Anthropologie knockoff was complete.

I didn't realize this shot was blurry until it was too late. 

They are attached now so... no retakes. After this was complete, or so I thought, I sprayed the inside of the shade black as well.  Sometimes you just don't know these things until you get there!

The unframed artwork came from The Miriam Shop, a wonderful resale charity shop.  I bought it for $5. 

 All I did was add a 1/2 wide black grograin ribbon to cover the staples on the edges.

Then I finished off this wall with a couple mirrors.  I bought them at Home Goods about three years ago and just never had a place to hang them.

You will notice that the wall color looks drastically different in this shot.  It really is not this intense but, depending on the time of day or the degree of sunshine, my camera reads this green differently.

I have one more item to hang and this room will be complete.

I am just waiting for the mat to arrive so I can assemble picture and glass.  I'll do a complete turn around the room when this last piece is complete.

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  1. The lamp shade is divine. I love the colors and how it's all pulled together. Great job.