Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The big selections have all been made in the living room and it's time to accessorize.  I had high hopes there would be enough in my own recycle bin to accomplish this, but that turned out to be only partially true. 

The coffee table I purchased from a consignment shop needed a change of color.
I took the base from a dirty brass to a medium silver.  The glass top was fine except for a few scratches.

I tried a few displays on the top before I resigned myself to the fact that I might have to add a tray to pull it together.  I rather liked the openness of the glass itself but it just wasn't working with the pieces I wanted to use.

So, I pulled a large round brass tray from the next garage sale pile.  In my haste to freshen it up, I forgot to take a before shot.  This is a picture of the back.  The front looked about as ugly.

Here it is with my favorite, "sticks to everything", Magic spray paint in gloss black. It does cover a great deal of the table top, but if I tire of that, it will be an easy change.

And here it is with some books I had, a candle holder I bought at a consignment shop called the Green Goose, and a ceramic flower I picked up today.

 The turquoise flower is from Hobby Lobby...half off, of course!

I added the white sand and the tea lights to the candle holder.

The etagere I bought several years ago from a person who stages houses.  So again, used, but priced accordingly.  It has been waiting patiently in my garage until now.

My sister found the candlesticks at a garage sale in Nebraska and sent them to me.  LOVE the color and the shape.  (Thanks, Marg.) 

I decided to cover a few books I had on hand with some wallpaper samples a designer friend gave me.  (Thanks, Vicki)

 As luck would have it the colors are perfect for this room.  Don't I love when that happens?
I bought two of these at Arhaus when I saw them in one of their table displays.  I browse this store so often just for inspiration that, once in while, I buy something inexpensive so they don't bar me from the store.

I sprayed some seashells silver...
and placed them inside the containers on a bed of rocks.

They aren't perfect for their current location, but soon I will have a better spot for them. (stay tuned)

My tiered round tables are in need of accessories.  I'm sure I will eventually find the right thing to finish them off.  Sometimes that requires a little patience, but keeping an eye out and not forcing the issue usually results in success.
  I saw the swing arm lamp at Home Goods yesterday and thought it might work here.  I'm living with it for a few days to be sure.  If not, I know I will use it somewhere. (the price tag still attached means it might even go back)  What do you think?  I tried a lamp on the table and I wasn't satisfied with that.  I'm open for feedback.

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  1. Very pretty Trish. Now, when can we sprawl in those chairs and read a book and drink tea?