Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chameleon Foyer

The entry in my home of 35 years has changed it's appearance a few times over the years .  It is currently going through another transformation.  But before I talk about that, let me show you a few pictures leading up to this new look.

This room measures 11' x 13', has one window, a wide pocket door that leads to the living room, the door to the outside, and a doorway to the rest of the house.  It also has a large 4' long radiator.  By now you are getting the picture...bigger than some entries, true.  But because it is actually a room with several openings, it is not really big enough for much furniture.  Leaving a walkway from the front door brings it down to about  7' x 13'.  So, what do you "do" with this room?

When I bought the house, I realized that behind the faux stone paneling there used to be a fireplace.  I decided it was something that should be restored.  This involved removing the bricks that had been put in to close off the firebox, installing gas service, and leveling the hearth floor.

Next came finding a mantel, stripping it and installing tile.  I make it sound like that all happens so quickly.  Makes me tired thinking about it, but I was younger then.

Now the room had a presence.  But there was still more to do.

I thought stenciling in dark blue and paprika would add some interest.  I really loved the fabric for the window treatment, thus the color choices.

That color scheme lasted until I fell in love with the dusty rose and teal.  You all know the era. (well maybe not the younger crowd)  This time the stenciling was on the ceiling.  A bit of a deco feel to complement my wall art and chairs.

As a result, everything was changed including the ceiling light fixture. I tried to ignore the brown tiles this go around.  I thought the pink swan tables were unique. (I actually painted them pink...oh, you already guessed that?)

Then along came this mantel and I was ready for a new look.  Happily the brown tiles on the hearth looked appropriate again.

But if that wasn't enough drama, I opted for a salsa inspired paint on the walls.  You can just see the edge of the chair in the bottom right.  The chair had an ottoman and I upholstered both in this quirky fabric.  I searched but could not find a picture of it.  Sorry, it would have sealed my quirky style for this setting.

This is the wall to the left of the fireplace. (Just in case you are wondering...that is a wire mesh high heeled shoe with a wire bow under the table on the left. That should serve as the quirk factor.)

Then I got tired of the darkness in the room. I lightened up the paint and added mirrors where the tapestry had been.  I had painted the diamonds on the floor during the salsa era and they lived on.  Somewhere along the way the light fixture changed again.

This brings us to the end of February 2013 and once again, it is time to change.  After all, none of this is working with the new colors in the living and dining room.  The rattan chair on the right was moved upstairs, the table and mantel have been sold,  and...

we have come full circle.  The brown tiles are gone and the stage is set for a new look.  Are you curious as to what is coming next?  If so, you shouldn't have long to wait.  I hope to have an update very soon.

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  1. Can't wait to see the new look. I remember all of those looks and look forward to the new makeover.