Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seven Square Feet Complete

I seem to be coming up with lots of excuses for why I am not moving faster on the foyer project.  First it was my aunt's funeral in Iowa and this week it was because I devoted the entire week to preparing for a yard sale.  The hauling, and arranging and pricing was all worth it.  The weather was absolutely stunning, the buyers were plentiful, and I sold a large percentage of my stuff for the asking price.  I have the cash for more remodeling and lots of people have something new (to them) to enjoy.  With that as a prelude,

you will understand why I'm talking about a very small piece of the pie....roughly seven square feet.

I'm referring to the firebox that looked like this at the beginning of the remodel.

Things were happening all around this small opening but nothing was going on inside the firebox.

Finally tile was installed on the bottom but the sides were dismissed for the time being.

Now seemed to be the time.  I painted the blocks a few shades of grayish/green.  I used a stiff bristle brush and dry brushed the various shades of paint on to simulate the stria in the tile. (none of which shows up in this picture)
I'm still not satisfied with the result but....I'm leaving it as is for now.  I have never had each element in the room have such a huge effect on the other elements.  So for now, I'm waiting until I complete some other things to help to determine where I go from here.

However, my idea is to use antlers inside the firebox.  These antlers came from the Western slope in Colorado.  My sister and her husband live there, and when they heard I was looking for antlers...well, it just so happened my brother-in-law had these in his shed. 

They are now center stage in my new foyer.  The color variations on these antlers are really lovely and fit into my scheme perfectly.

Thanks, Barb and Floyd.  I think they are gorgeous!  Once I finish tweaking this spot, I'll show another picture.

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  1. What a great idea to put the antlers in there! Very clever and they look great.