Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tile on the Fireplace

I can't wait any longer to show you what has happened with the tile on the face of the fireplace. 

 In this previous post it looked like this.

Then it sat like this while we waited for another section of the tile to arrive.  Turns out that tile sat in the warehouse for ten days before I could get anyone to admit it was available for pickup. 

But that's history now.  We laid out the rest of the tile and did our advanced math only to come to the conclusion that we needed a little more filler.  That's where the pencil tiles you see on either side of the herringbone come into play.  Lo and behold, Home Depot came to the rescue.  That's another story about denial...them denying the company still made that tile and the sample they were showing was just an outdated sample, and me not willing to give up.  I moved boxes on the shelf, enlisted the help of complete strangers to reach boxes far back on the shelf, and suddenly the tile they no longer carried was on the way out the door with me.

There were other trials and tribulations about the installation, the grout, and I quote.."That's not a flaw.  That's just how it comes." I'm going to skip over all that.

It's time to move on.

This was overnight last night.

The herringbone was done in white grout so that was a seperate step.
This wall is far from complete, but I'm easing my conscience about not giving a progress report for so long.  We really are trying...really we are.  No one wants to see a completely finished project more than I want to blog about it.

but for now...this is where we started.

And this is where we are now.  Remember you are seeing this out of context because the context won't help it any right now.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it will all pull together at some point.

FYI:  I have been working on the lighting and hope to update you on that in the next post.

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