Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lighting the Foyer

Just to refresh your memory,
this was my first attempt at lighting this room.

I followed that up with this.

The next change looked like this.  Then came the current desire to remodel.
I looked for replacement chandeliers at...


                                                                              Habitat Restore

on line..

and my own stock pile.

None of these seemed to be what the room called for.
Then I found a pair of lights I really liked at a resale shop called The Refind Room.

There were some quirks with overhead lighting in this room.  The existing chandelier was centered on the room but not on the fireplace.  Because I plan for the fireplace to be the focal point I needed it to be centered.

Some adjustments were made and then all was well.

   No worries...this picture does not reflect the end of this story.

This is what is missing in the previous picture.  However, they were in serious need of a degreaser

Next came the painting of the wood caps at the top.

The socket for the bulbs was also connected to a wood piece that needed painting too.

Even the cords were sprayed with black Majic paint that is guaranteed to stick to this case rubber.

A three week wait for the ceiling to be painted and...finally the day arrived. But the painter was a no-show.  He had double booked, so a bit more of a delay.  There are plenty of reasons for lapses between posts and this is one of them.

But finally,
we went from this....

to this.

Here they are in off position.


or OFF, I think they look pretty cool.

I really am very happy with the glow they give to the room and the way they refect in the mirror.  All's well that ends well.  Of course, the end is not quite here.  Next post will be about that drapery fabric I talked about eons ago.

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