Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Birds, One Stone

About a year ago my niece and nephew gifted me with this mantel.

I was delighted, as you might imagine.  So why have I not shown it here sooner?  The fact is I had way too much stuff in my garage to even think about taking a photo. Finally, (two huge garage sales later), I was able to get to it and wipe off some of the black soot it had accumulated in the demo phase of the rehab house from which it came. 

Then two inches of rain in one hour yesterday prompted me take care of two things in one blog post.

My hydrangea bushes are lush this year and while they do love a lot of water...

that much at one time had them hanging their heads.
It was the motivation I needed to pull these two things together in a mini post.
I also had the chance to use the wicker rocker I found in the alley some time ago.
Oops, I move my car out of the driveway thinking that would be good enough.
I love the variety of color on a single flower.
I am hoping to find a permanent location for this mantel so I can use it for other photo shoots.  It is way too heavy to move around by myself so I need to find a spot where I'm not getting uglies reflecting in the mirrors.
Since I have glass panes in my overhead garage door this can be seen by all who walk by.  Unfortunately, it will only last as long as the hydrangeas do.
One thing is for certain, it's a better view than the paint cans hiding behind it.
It was fun to take a some time away from painting woodwork and smell the flowers. 


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  1. The most gorgeous garage/studio window I've ever seen!