Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally Furniture

My first love is really painting furniture as opposed to baseboards and ceilings.  This piece of furniture on a sidewalk sale beckoned me back to what I love most.

The dings had been camouflaged, to a degree, with a reddish stain but that mattered not to me.  There was no doubt that a coat of primer would soon make that moot.

The detailing on the corners is probably what appealed to me most...and the overall shape.  It certainly was not the knobs.
A tiny bit of sanding on the edges and it was ready for primer. 
My plan is to use this in the guest bedroom.  I bought fabric about four years ago to use somewhere.  It is still on the roll.  I thought that by pulling the colors from the fabric I might be motivated to make a dust ruffle and pad for the window seat.  I probably have enough for curtains as well.  Sounds like a snowy day project to me.
 I mixed a brownish green glaze and applied it to the details.
This was the beginning stages of adding the glaze.  I ended up adding glaze to the entire piece.
 As I mentioned the knobs didn't do much for me, at least on this piece.  (please excuse the blurred shot)
As I was applying the paint it dawned on me that I had some knobs that might be perfect for this piece. I bought these years, and I mean many years, ago.  I liked them but they just never seemed to work on anything.   I had a pair of matching knobs and four with a slightly different pattern.  I was thrilled that this might be my chance to use them.  I put the matching pair on the top drawer.
 The top two are original and the bottom two have been doused with a little of the glaze that I used on the entire piece. Not a huge difference.  I just wanted to kick back that orange tint a bit.
 Don't you agree they are perfect for this piece?  Love it when something I have held onto for so long is just what I need.

I really went out on a limb when I bought this fabric too.  I think I have about 16-20 yards and at the time I bought it, I did not have a clue where I was going to use it.  One of our Jackman stores was closing and it was on sale.  Let's face it...Sale and can you go wrong?

When I have some help this will be taken to the third floor.

I was anxious to get these pictures, so I took them on the deck as a rain storm was fast approaching.  Then I had to get it quickly into the enclosed porch to keep it from getting wet.  That meant up two steps and over a threshold.  I snagged a man on his way back from a jog in the park and he graciously helped me get it inside.  More pictures of the guest room when all falls into place.

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  1. Hi Tricia, I love the transformation of the chest and the color is perfect with the fabric. I look forward to seeing what you make with the beautiful toile. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  2. It looks amazing and the hardware is perfect. Nothing like a sidewalk sale.

  3. Love the blue toile, and the pretty shade of blue on the chest. Beautiful.