Saturday, August 31, 2013

Faux Bamboo

Sometimes when I buy something at a yard sale or resale shop, I just use it the way I found it until I can get around to altering it to my surroundings.

Here are three pieces that fell victim to that fate.
 I purchased this floor lamp at a charity resale shop about a year ago.

This was a fairly recent purchase from an estate sale.  It is the stand for a globe.
This table I have had the longest...probably four years or more.
All these pieces have a bamboo look to the legs so I decided to attack them at the same time.
Both the lamp and the table will be used in my bedroom.  I like that they each have the metal piecrust edge to the tabletop area.

This piece will be in my foyer.  Doesn't it look better already and that is just the primer?
Since the lamp was already painted, I skipped the primer.  I mixed Woodmont Cream (BM), Favorite Tan(SW), and Candlewood Cream(?) together to come up with this color.  I may have to tweak it some, but since I am composing this post as I work on these, we will have to see where the process takes me.
All base coated except for the mesh on the table.
What are the chances I'd have a spray paint in this color? But I did!  I sprayed the mesh from the bottom first and then as needed on the topside. The very top I primed to be later painted black.
I will seal the tops now that they have been painted as they will get a lot of use.  The lamp goes next to the bed. Because I have my bed in a bay there is no room for night stands  The drum table goes next to my strata lounger which is my TV/laptop chair.
I wiped a wash onto the mesh to accentuate the texture.
I darkened the base color and used that on the joints. Then I thinned it and did a wash over all and removed some, or all, as I saw fit.
Next came some fly specking using a toothbrush and the same paint with a little brown added to it.
The bedroom is just getting started on the redesign so I had to improvise a bit for the picture.  This table is on small casters that don't really show on this dark floor.
Now back to the lamp. 
Brass cleaner did not do much for the rod on the lamp so I sprayed it and the bulb sockets antique brass.
 I also sprayed the little balls on the base the same color.  They are wood but I hoped this might make them pass for metal.
There is a little metal ring where the leg meets the floor.
I found a shade on clearance at Garden Ridge.  It is actually a pale green very similar to the wall color even though it looks beige in this picture.
Now back to the globe stand. 
The globe stand came out a little too yellow for the foyer so I repainted it a mixture of the Favorite Tan and Candlewood Cream keeping it much lighter and eliminating the yellow.
The joints are painted cashmere.  It is an acrylic by DecoArt.
I then followed the same procedure that I used on the table legs.  I realize they look exactly the same in this picture but they really are not. 
I just took this shot outside to assure myself.  Had I not gotten both those pieces in the same picture (above) I would not have known which one I was talking about.  This post was confusing enough with three similar pieces but the camera lighting is really messing with me. 
I bought this piece because the globe picks up the colors of the drape.
Most likely it won't be sitting directly in front of the drape.
So I painted the stand to pick up the glass tiles of the fireplace.
I have to turn the lights on in this room to take any pictures and that throws a yellow glow over everything. The floor looks red in this picture which it is NOT. I really do need to master some photography techniques.
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