Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Fun Filled Bag

Yesterday I made a run to the Habitat Restore to buy a replacement globe for the sconce in my second floor hallway.  Because I was only a couple blocks from another favorite charity resale shop, of course, it made perfect sense to pop in for a quick look.  Turns out they were having a "flea market" in their hallway to move some of their smaller items.  I picked up two things and was ready to check out when I learned that it was all you can stuff in a shopping bag for $5.  I decided I better have another look.

 This is what that second glance got me.

An 60"x118" cotton table cloth from Linens and Things marked $19.99 in the original packaging (never opened).  Not a lot of call for this motif in the Midwest but who knows when a luau party will pop up on the calendar.. There is a possibility my brother will be visiting from Hawaii this Fall.

Also part of this haul were the basket, the glasses, and a set of 10 beautifully scalloped cut-out embroidered napkins.  The decorative balls were not part of this purchase.
I picked those up the day before at a yard sale less than a block from my house.  There were nine, but two rolled off the table as I was setting up for this shot.  Darn!  But still a deal at seven for $2.50 and that included a the red glass vase that contained them.
I had to take a close up shot of the napkins to show off the cut work embroidery.  They had a price tag of $15 which really was not bad for 10 napkins.
I also picked up a pair of twisted birdcage finials by Graber.  Again, still in the original package...never opened.  They will come in handy sometime, somewhere.
 Also included was this framed print.

And these lovely photos nicely framed and matted.

But the item that intrigued me the most was this artwork.  It was placed off to the side of the check out and I presumed it was already sold, but I inquired about it anyway.  Turns out it wasn't and into the bag it went.  It was only after I got it home that I realized it was signed. (M A McColl)  I removed the paper from the back and written on the cardboard backing was the following information.

Title:  "Milk-weed"
Artist: Mary McColl
Price: $50.00

I googled her name, and if I have the right Mary A. McColl, she was born in Ontario, Canada and lived in Missouri.  She is known for landscape and still life.  I am hoping to discover more about this artist but for now I'm just going to enjoy her work.

I have always thought it would be fun to win one of those shopping sprees where you get to keep everything you can throw into a shopping cart in 60 seconds.  This was my version and I have to tell you it was rather a kick.

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