Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taking out the Trash

Now that I'm not on the fast track anymore..."What," you say! "When were you ever on the fast track?"   I'm referring to those days of going to work, raising children, fulfilling commitments, dealing with obligations and keeping up a social life.  Now that I am retired I still seem to stay busy, but I've taken the blinders off. I now allow myself to get side-tracked and I do nothing to rein myself in.  This is how that manifested today as I executed the simple chore of taking out the trash.

Someone had put out an old door for pickup.  It could easily have been ignored.  Not today.
I regret not taking a photograph before removing the hardware.  However, it was much later in the day when I realized I wanted to blog about it.
The first thing that caught my attention was this cute little doorknob and back plate.  Old doorknobs are collectibles in my book.  So, back to the house for a screwdriver.
The lever handle on the other side was petit as well.  The set screws, the latch, the cylinder, the spring were all there and working beautifully.
The second intriguing part was the lock.
Again, all parts were intact.
Right down to the key in the lock.
I blurred this just a bit but it says The Graham MFG Co. and below that, Derby, Conn.  USA
Tucked behind the cross bar on the door was this brittle and aged piece of paper.
Dates of May 8 and June 7 but no years.  Shucks!  (and yes, those are my toes badly in need of a pedicure.)
So, that's how I turned a trip to the trash into a blog post.
And then how I got sidetracked again...
By the textures and the colors....
of the deteriorating retaining wall...

that for 36 years I either didn't pay attention to....
or saw as just another repair waiting to happen.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this! Marg