Monday, September 16, 2013


Last week I took a few minutes to check out one of my favorite resale shops.  Nothing caught my eye but this.

Just one word in a fanciful font and flocked with orange glitter.  I smiled when I saw it and then walked around the store.  On the way out it caught my attention again.  The price was $2 and although I didn't know why, I thought I should buy it. I did.

Even before I got home I had an idea for how I wanted to use it.  It is orange, after all, and it will soon be October so the timing seemed right.

I had this twiggy thing in my holiday/seasonal closet.  It has been my Easter decoration, my Fall door decoration and also had it's day filled with tulips and pussy willows.  This time was going to be different.
I had this jeweled butterfly clip.
Actually, everything I used I already had on hand from previous decorations.
The acorns I bought one year on closeout after the holidays.  Honestly I don't remember where the orange glitter leaves came from.
I have four of these napkin rings that I picked up at a yard sale  They have a little acorn at the base of the leaf.
I stuck in a few pinecones with eyeballs for a little effect.
I hung it on my studio door to take these pictures.
I thought it would look good against the charcoal door.
  But it seems a little lost on this door.
(Ignore the late summer flowers....they will be gone in October.)
 I originally had this arrangement planned for this door.  So I think I will stick with plan A.
I will just have to find another spot for this decoration.
 Yes, I think it is a better spot.  The lighter background is much better for this arrangement.
So, on the porch beside the backdoor it is!
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  1. Wickedly wonderful!
    I would not have resisted either.