Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dessert House

Last night was Autumn Fest in the Heights.  That means neighbors, friends, and total strangers were invited into three houses in the neighborhood to visit with each other, partake of food and drink, and tour the interiors of the homes on the circuit.

Although rain threated to put a damper on the event five days in advance, by Saturday the forecast had changed to showers predicted to be out of the area by noon.  The predictions were correct and it was a beautiful evening to take a carriage ride from house to house.

My house was the second stop on the tour.

Preparations started months in advance with planning meetings.

Fall decorations set the mood.
Tablescapes provided colorful backdrops for what was to come.

Pumpkins turned pink where the décor demanded it.

The silver was polished...
 to reflect the candlelight.

And even the hydrangeas dropped their baby blues and pinks for hues to compliment the décor.
The dining room stuck to a pink, gray and green theme right down to the napkins...
While the sunroom took on a vibrant orange in this arrangement.
The candles picked up that same color.
A few mums decorated the coffee center.
And a basket held individual bags of...
THE most delicious peanut brittle.
Bar height tables dotted the backyard.
 A burlap belt complemented...
the door decoration on the studio.
Dan brought his fire pit, built a fire, and provided the sticks for...
 roasting marshmallows.
That turned out to be a hit and not just with the younger crowd.
This is where I dropped the ball.  I neglected to get a shot of the water dispenser filled with ice water and cucumber slices.  Shortly after this picture was taken one end of the table contained a huge bowl of the best tasting strawberries ever.  And next to that sat a gigantic bowl of fabulous whipped cream.  The other end of the table contained another delicious dessert prepared by a neighbor.
The rest of the desserts were all prepared and displayed by one resident of the neighborhood.
Words fail me.  Each and every one of these works of art was delicious.
And, yes, I tasted almost every one.  This platter I missed but the fact that it disappeared so quickly speaks for itself.
There was a backup pan of these so there were a few that didn't make it to the serving table.  I do have a weakness for chocolate and this is one of the best uses of chocolate I have come across.
Cranberry apple pie.  I LOVE anything cranberry so that was a home run.
It was a feast for the eyes.
And a disaster for those watching their calories.
The buffet held what the table could not. That's almond cake in the background.  I overheard two guests having a friendly feud over the last piece.
The desserts were beautiful and delicious.  They had it all going on.

Cream cheese icing on pumpkin cake.  This one had me with the first bite.
I've probably made my point by now.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the people, but as it got more and more crowded my focus was on so many other things that I missed that opportunity. 
It was a great evening to reconnect with neighbors and meet those who have recently moved into the neighborhood.
And create another happy memory of good times with good people. 


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  1. Yum! Those desserts are beautiful. Also love the Wicked wreath and mums in the canisters! What a fun night!