Saturday, October 26, 2013

Keeping in Touch

October has been a big social month.  First was Autumn Fest followed by a family reunion/70th birthday party and several days enjoying out-of-town family.  This weekend is another family birthday party for my sister who extended her stay.  Consequently, there has been little time for projects and thus, nothing to post about.


while browsing through Home Goods with my sister, I did find this rug.  It is a little odd and I do like quirky, so I brought it home.  It has little balls of yarn imbedded in softer threads.  It probably would not be the thing to cozy up on in front of the fire but it feels like a massage for bare feet.

I thought it would be nice in the guest room.  (The dust ruffle for the bed is still on the "to-do" list.)

It really needs to be in front of the bed which puts it on a diagonal.  I'm trying to decide if I am ok with that angle given the rest of the furniture is against the walls.
I set this area up just to see if I would be comfortable with this look before I went to work recovering the chairs and doing something to the table.
I hesitated to show the overall room shots because it is still so disjointed, but maybe this will get me going on pulling it together.
There are two dormers in this room with double windows in each.
The window seat in this dormer will get some of the toile that keeps popping up in other posts.  It has been my inspiration for this room.
Keeping my fingers crossed I can still make it work.
It is a little bit of a leap with this rug but it definitely has the same bluish background of the fabric and it does anchor the center of the room given all the unpainted wood of the doors and trim.  What is your opinion?

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  1. I like the rug and the idea of something nice and fuzzy to step on out of the bed. Since you are working on bringing it all together, I would suggest you somehow bring a table and light closer to the bed in case anyone would have the energy to read after spending a wild day in St. Louis...I know you can figure this out.