Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Follow up on the Dresser

Now that I had found the dresser for my bedroom, I was eager to get it painted.

It will be in the same room as this piece.

However, two pieces in this color would be over the top, even for me.

I washed it down while I thought about color.

I removed the hardware while I thought about color.

I primed it while I thought about color.

Once I ran out of excuses, I bought three colors of green and dove into the painting.  I started with Sherwin Williams Hearts of Palm #6415.

Then I added SW Sassy Green #6416 to the details.

 The frame around the drawers got a coat of Chopped Dill, Benjamin Moore 496.

I painted the sides the Sassy Green, and for the top I used Chopped Dill.

At this point I was uncertain about what to do next.

Should I add a glaze?  I did try a glaze in the darkest green color but quickly wiped it off.

I thought about adding turquoise which was a color that I really wanted to pull out of the pillows.

I finally decided to get it into the bedroom before I did anything else to it.  An idea was forming to color block the room by making each piece of furniture a different color.  Why not?  I was already halfway there.

I had the hardware soaking in vinegar for a few hours.  That loosened up built up crud.

I brushed it a bit with a toothbrush and it was ready for primer.

  I thought about the metallic colors but finally decided to use something I had on hand.

Of all the unlikely names, this color is called "malaria."

It was by sheer accident that I had a spray green that would work so nicely with the colors on this piece.

I am still trying to decide if I am finished with this piece or not. 

I did think about adding onto the existing bun feet with...

these huge feet.
My brother, Dan, has four of these and I think they would have been a nice tie in to the huge feet on the pinky/purple piece. However, if I centered them on the existing feet, it have would pushed the piece away from the wall by about 4inces.  Potential foiled again!

Finally it was ready for the second floor bedroom.  Not something I could handle.
 I twisted my son's arm a little and got him to show up just as my son-in-law arrived.  Together they carried the dresser to the second floor for me.  It is a very solid (heavy) piece.  I'm sure they will confirm that!

Now I will have to accessorize the wall above the dresser.  I think a mirror needs to be part of whatever happens on this wall but I am open for whatever pops up.

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  1. The dresser is perfect with the pillows! That room is going to be scrumptious!! Love the colors of the dresser.
    You go, girl! Marg