Monday, November 18, 2013

Wall Plates

Remember this wall in the foyer?

I mentioned earlier it would just have to wait for the right thing to pop up, and until then it would remain blank.

And it did....

 until I found these two plates marked 40% off at Little Shop Around the Corner.  I didn't think of this wall when I spotted them. 

I did, however, think of this drape and knew I would figure out a way to use them.

My brother, John, had given me four metal kitchen chairs that were riding that ridge called "Too Far Gone."  They were rusty.  The caps on the legs needed to be replaced. And the seats needed to be totally refurbished.  The sanding alone was enough to give me pause, but sitting on one convinced me they did not deserve the work it would take to restore them.  They sat low to the ground and for someone who is 5'2" that is a rare comment. 

However, I did salvage the backs minus the frame that surrounded these curlicues. I sawed off the little pegs that held them to the frame and with a sigh of relief, discarded the rest of the chair.
Now just might be the time to pull one of these into use.

I sprayed it black and attached the eight inch plate to it with wire.

I decided I wanted to place the 13" plate in a square frame.  I picked one up at an auction but the opening was larger than I needed it to be.  My brother, Dan, cut it down for me.

Then it got the black spray treatment.

Since the plates hang directly opposite the drape, I can't show them together.  However, when you are in the room it pulls the color across the room and complements the lines in the drapes.

Because of the bookcases this room is very vertical, and with all the "stuff" on the shelves, it is a little tricky keeping this wall in proportion especially with the very low chairs.  With all the shapes, colors, and proportions in this room I found it challenging to accessorize.  But I also wanted to stick to the quirkiness of my style.  Not for everyone, I know, but it works for me.

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  1. These are incredible! Love the curlique one and the framed one is a great idea as well. You can almost make something out of nothing! Marg