Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Little or a Lot for Christmas

When I say a little or a lot, I'm talking about decorating, baking, presents....the whole shaabang!  I didn't start out thinking "a little" until I pulled the decorations out of the closet on the third floor, Then I started thinking ahead.  Yes, ahead, as in putting all these decorations back in boxes and carting them back to the third floor after Christmas.  That's when I decided that maybe a little decorating could go a long way, and maybe that didn't include a tree.

I love a pretty tree and I do love the process of selecting just the right colors and arranging everything just so.  But, hauling, and unpacking, and setting up, and getting lights to work, and then doing it in reverse three weeks later is not so much fun. 

At my age, I have decorated a few trees.  This one was about 30 years ago.  I was all about pink and cream that year.

One year I made a tree out of bedsprings and paper ornaments.

Another year I did a mini tree and decorated it in wooden toy ornaments.

Choosing the color scheme for each year is my favorite part.  I had a nice run with red and gold and I have the ornaments to prove it. 

Much as I love my silver tree, I think I'll store my energy and do it big next year.

Although as I look at these pictures it is a little tempting.  Let's just see how it goes.
I started with these luminaria metal bags.  I bought them at Vincent de Paul really cheap.  I have sold some at a garage sale and I still have at least twenty five.
They are a fine color for Fall, but not so great for December.  Snowflakes??...not so good for Autumn either.
I thought silver would make them better and I think it did.  I decided to use them on the new bookcases in the foyer.  But first, let me flashback to before the new bookcases.
The old mantel with my beaded fruit and greenery.  Those are candles wrapped in burlap on top of the concrete and ceramic pedestals.  An attempt at mixing rustic and glitzy.
Here is the current look with my luminaria scattered about.
Here it is with the lights on.
Pretty simple, but still festive.
This year I am keeping most of my accessories in place.
and just adding little holiday touches.
I found pink candles for my vigil light stand and switched them out leaving just a few in white.
Here I just switched out the silk flowers for pods I spray painted, and shiny beads.
I bought one new Christmas item this year. In fact I just picked it up at Vincent de Paul this morning for $3.
I am still moving it around trying to find just the right spot.  (There is a candle burning behind the tree but I couldn't make it dark enough to see that and still get a photo.)
There have been tons of decorative creations for the front door over the years. 
This reaches back about 30 years or so. I think I was doubling up on holidays here hoping this would carry me through Valentine's Day.
This year.. just a recycled wreath with the addition of a glittery tree.
This candelier hung for years in my living room and was decorated a multitude of ways for the holidays..
 It has now found a new home on the back porch.
I have never decorated the fountain on the studio before.

So adding a little greenery and color this year was something simple and fresh.
And then there is the setting of the table.
Another favorite activity, but that means there has to be food too.  And the "second thoughts" start to creep back.
 Jjust looking back at the decorations from previous years satisfies some of that need to decorate everywhere this year.
 And accepting invitations sounds like a nice fix for holiday cheer.

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  1. I enjoyed the flashback to decorations of the past! And yes, you are invited over to our house for the holidays!