Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Displays

I happened upon a television program highlighting extreme lighting displays and decorations for Christmas at three different homes in the USA.  It was wild, to say the least, with lights covering every square foot of the yards and houses.  These lights were color coordinated and blinking to a tune blaring on the sound system.  There were reindeer, snowmen, angels, Christmas trees, and anything Christmas related that comes to mind.  It is not that I don't appreciate what it took to create these displays.  I would be in the loony bin if that was up to me.  But it isn't, because displays like that are not in everyone's budget or engineering ability.  This morning I drove up and down the 14 blocks in my neighborhood looking for displays I thought were interesting, creative, and unique.  (Probably no need to mention, any blowup displays were excluded.)

This homeowner on my block took advantage of the lovely green porch and decorated with colorful ornaments.  A nicely balanced, eye catching display that says "Happy Holidays" with out the flashing signage.
I am not a fan of a yard full of wire ornaments and a trail of extension cords.  However, I thought this little setting was tasteful, and delightful.  I'll have to remember to drive by when the lights are lit.
I like the touch of humor in this playful nod to Santa.
With these at the top of the porch steps and a wreath on the door, it was just enough.
I like the sentiment of Peace On Earth and I appreciate the quirkiness of the colorful flamingos as part of the display.
I also appreciate a themed display vs throwing every Christmasy item ever purchased onto the front lawn.
  These people pretty much own the gingerbread house in the neighborhood so it not difficult to set the mood.
They also have a "to-die-for" entrance and they did a great job of showing it off.
This family also played off the architecture.  That's the beauty of these homes.  They look pretty festive without decorations.
Another balcony display that is lit with flood lights at night.
The owners of this two-family worked together to create a lovely Christmas vignette.
A vintage snowman cutout that I should have captured while we had snow on the ground.
And a vintage sled advertising sleigh rides.  A nicely executed display that is my pick for this year's Christmas display in Tower Grove Heights.


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