Sunday, December 15, 2013

Feel the Joy

Tis the season for joy.  Joy to the World rings out as we scramble to do our Christmas shopping.  And sometimes in all that hustle and bustle we focus on something, for just a second or two, that really makes us smile... feel good... be happy.  It's often not something we would expect that gives us that blissful feeling.  It is something that just sneaks in and lights us up on the inside.  It could be anything. That brings me to this example.  This isn't anything noble or heartwarming.  It is just a little example that shows, it really does not matter what makes you smile.  The feeling is all that matters.

A couple weeks ago I found this little guest towel for 60% off at JoAnn's.  I was pleased because I knew it was going to be perfect in my powder room. It went right into the towel ring as soon as I returned home.

Then today when I walked into that room I was struck by how the sunlight slipping between the blinds added a little magic to my new guest towel.  I decided I needed to capture it on camera. 

As we know, sunlight is not always the photographer's friend, no matter how cool it looks to the eye.
 I slanted the blinds one way and then another until I found a way to block the sun except for that one little spot along the cord.

  I realized I could block some of it with my body but I was a little short to cover it all.

So I started to improvise.  I put on a hat...and then another hat on top of that...and then two scarfs bunched up on top of that.  I was almost there.  I was already standing on tiptoe.  Maybe a couple books under my feet would do it.

 Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and it struck me that this was a little slice of joy in my day.  I was serious about getting a good shot.  In fact, so serious,  I had forgotten what prompted me to take the pictures. Upon seeing my reflection,  I laughed at myself.  Then I opened the blinds and let the sunshine add some sparkle to my new towel and to my day.  When I downloaded the pictures I saw that the one in dappled sunlight was really the best after all.

I'd love to hear some stories of some unexpected joy and delight in your day.

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