Wednesday, January 8, 2014

*Happy*New*Year* to Me

After being cooped up for a few days because of 11 inches of snow, subzero temperatures, a dead battery, and feeling crappy, I broke loose today and hit the antique mall.

You will never guess what caught my eye.

  Nothing like a little glitz for the New Year.
(Please excuse the reflection...a little light I couldn't control)

 More bling in orange, and gold, and green.

The buildings are actually four feet high.  Am I really thinking of buying this?

I deliberated for awhile but skylines seem to be in me right now and, as it appears, me in them. (my reflection in the glass while taking this shot)

Yes, I am going to give you the full shot, as best I can.  By now you have surmised I did buy it.  And somehow I managed to get all 20 sq. ft. of it through the snow drifts to the porch.  That's where it will stay until I get help.  (The upper third of the photo is reflecting my studio, with snow on the roof, making this whole thing surreal.)

Actually it probably is a little surreal without the reflections.  Who cares?  I like it and I WILL find a place for it, I think.  I promise to show pictures when that happens. 

If this doesn't prove "I'm out on a whim", nothing will.

1 comment:

  1. What the heck! I am barely out of town and you buy something so beautiful that I cannot even see in person!
    Love this! Will
    Look awesome in your bedroom.