Sunday, February 16, 2014

Food for Dreams

It is my turn to host the dream group this month and since it is still Valentine weekend, I thought a little red was in order.  I'm talking about the food and one of my favorites, cranberries!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it tastes ok.

I tested it at the suggested 45 minute mark and decided it needed a little longer in the over.

Just then my nephew appeared at my door and we started talking.  You know how this ends, right?

It definitely baked longer than it should have before I came back to the task at hand.
Since it was made with love, they will forgive me if it's a little dry.
Unfortunately I'm on a "no sugar, no flour" program right now so I won't be the judge.

I'll just have to make it again when I can taste it.

I am sure it will all disappear before I am tempted.  If you are tempted you will find the recipe on my pinterest board under Recipes for Special Occasions. Or just click here and it will take you directly to the recipe.

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