Thursday, March 27, 2014

Town and Style St. Louis

I have been so anxious to talk about the March 5, 2014 issue of Town and Style St. Louis.  About a month prior to publication, I was asked to have pictures of my home in the magazine.  I was more than delighted to say, yes.  Suzy Gorman visited my home and agreed to take the pictures.  She returned a few days later and spent four hours shooting almost non-stop.  It was fascinating to watch her work with no auxiliary lighting...just her camera and a tripod.  She is determined to get the best shot possible and has the talent, skill, and experience to make that happen.  The proof is in the pictures that she graciously shared  with me.  They arrived in the mail today, and I am thrilled to share them with you.

The dining room, with a little peak in to the living room, made the cut for the article.

This closeup was not included in the magazine but I'm happy to have it to show you here.  You may remember, the initials on the chair backs represent my four grandchildren.

The staircase was not part of the article either, but I love having the picture for my files.

Sorry if this makes you a little dizzy.  It's a long way up to the third floor, but I'm lucky to have nice wide and open staircases.  It makes moving large pieces of furniture possible....not easy, but doable.

She included a shot of the stained glass window for my collection.

It was difficult to get a good angle on the living room and still take in everything in one shot.  There are two large chairs and a china cabinet behind the camera as well as an etagere to the left.

The powder room received a full page, 11x14, in the magazine. I twisted myself into positions I didn't think I would get out of trying to photograph this room, and could only get small portions.  Somehow Suzy got it all in one shot.

This shot was taken from my nostalgic room looking into my office.  It was not used in the spread.

However, this shot was.  The door on the right leads to the 2nd floor hallway and the doorway beyond that leads to a bedroom.

This was taken from the hallway looking in to my office and was also in the magazine.

I was really thrilled to get this shot of the foyer.  It is impossible for me to get this wide angle with my camera, not to mention the glare and shadow problems.  This picture was a given three-fourths of a page and rightly so.  Good interior shots take a lot of know how and patience, along with the right equipment.  In my opinion, Suzy Gorman has it all.  She did a phenomenal job.

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