Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shirley Voda Watercolors

This week I was looking for books for a project and I chose to search the bins at the Goodwill Outlet Store where they sell the books for 15 cents per inch. (more on that project in a future post) Once that mission was accomplished, I decided to make one more stop before returning home.  The Clubhouse Shop was close by and it never hurts to pop in and look around.  Weeeell, it was my lucky day.  They were having a backroom clearance on items that were not worthy of the general sale floor. 

I first spotted this watercolor of Alberto.

And then, tilted the opposite direction, I found Violet.

I was immediately drawn to them and their sticker price of $15 each.

I inquired about them and was told to ignore the price on the sticker....wait for it.....they would $5 each.

Needless to say, the water damaged mat boards did not slow me down in making it to the checkout counter.

They are original watercolors by Shirley Voda.  Both had labels on the back from when they were displayed at the St. Louis Artists' Guild.  It listed the artist along with the name of the painting and the price.

I am hoping they were sold for that price at the time (50 times what I paid for Alberto), and were now being recycled, just a little worse for wear.  I still consider them a fabulous find.  I will deal with the water stained mats at some point, but for now they are already hanging in my home exactly as I found them.

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