Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Down Came the Rain and...

Down came the rain and weighed the peonies to the ground.  That's the sad thing about these big luscious blooms.  Those thin little stems have all they can do to stand up straight with the weight of the blossom and when that blossom takes on water, it's bend or break.

 This was taken yesterday when they were dry and perky and absolutely glowing.

So, in an attempt to let those buds rise to their full potential, I decided snip a few of the fully opened flowers.  Because the buds branch off very close to the blooms, I had to work with short stems.

Now I have a little color to enjoy indoors.

Irises have the same weakness in a heavy rain.  Much as I enjoy their beauty in the yard, I prefer this to seeing them lying on the ground.

I don't think I can end this with "Out came the sun."  The forcast is for more of the same for a few days.  But the rain will bring hydrangeas and more spectacular bouquets.

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