Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recycled Coxcomb

I have always admired coxcomb but never had much luck growing it myself.  The other day a friend and neighbor gave me a bundle of dried coxcomb.  I had never used it before and decided to experiment with an arrangement.

I would swear I took pictures along the way but evidently I did not.  Whatever!  I already had this container and the oasis to hold the stems in place.  Now I just needed a row of something around the bottom.  I tried a few things I had on hand but none of those things did the trick.  I shopped Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and finally the obvious, the wholesale flower mart.

 Again, I meant to take "in progress" shots, but instead, I just forged ahead.  The pale green roses were the best I could do at the flower mart, but they will do.  They are not going in this room, although, I guess they could.

They were meant for the little table from yesterday's blog post.

They do look sweet in this room and they pick up some of the other cream colored accents.

The vision for this room is falling into place.  There are still more details to attend to, but it is ready enough for company.

I might have to take a little mini-vacation here myself.  High above the street hustle, on the third floor, it's the perfect place for a nap.

I will have to have my dream book close at hand to record whatever dreams come to me in this room.

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  1. Did you notice the "time" that you posted this one? I think Sheila likes your guest room! Marg