Monday, May 12, 2014

That Little Occasional Table

 I have been hanging onto this little table for years.  Many times I was tempted to add it to one of my many yard sales, and each time I refrained.

 It isn't that special, and it certainly has some wear.  But this is like a pair of earrings that you think about getting rid of because you never wear them.  Then that day comes when they are perfect and you are so glad you resisted the urge to purge them.

 I tightened up the screws a bit and it became sturdy again.  I sanded lightly and gave it a coat of primer.

Then using a can of BM 2150-30 Savannah Green that I had on hand, I gave it two coats.

Here it is in full light.  I love the color but it is a tad bit bright for what I had in mind.

So I brushed on a light coat of BM2147-30 Fresh Olive, and wiped lightly with a wet cloth to let the brighter color form a contrast.  If you look at the table top, you will see the definite contrast where I painted the rim with the Olive but not the entire top.  That's because I had something else planned for the top.

 I had a small piece of grass cloth that would be perfect.  Trust me, even though it looks brown here, it really is an olive green.

I used Mod Podge to glue it to the table.

 I added a coat of the Mod Podge onto the front side of the grass cloth for added protection.

Other than drying completely, it is finished.  For those eagle eyes, the little white spot just to left of center is Mod Podge that had not dried when I took the picture.  As I've said before, my name is Patricia, not Patience.

You may have guessed by now, I plan to use this in the guest bedroom.  I'm expecting my girlfriend of 47 years to come for a visit the last week in May, so I have incentive to push forward on that room.  I will take some pictures in place for tomorrow's post.