Sunday, October 5, 2014

Alley Bench

This was an accidental alley find that turned out to be just what I needed for my bedroom.

I must admit I tried it out in the bedroom without even wiping it down first.  And then it sat there for a really long time before I thought about it again.  I was expecting company so I decided I better wash it down and at least coat it with primer.

As you can see most of the decorative trim was missing.

So I removed what was left of it.

After a good cleaning and a coat of primer it went back to the foot of my bed....and stayed there longer than I would care to admit.

Finally I decided on a color and pulled it out again to apply the first coat.

And a second coat.

And a third coat.

Here we are eleven months later.  I am searching for this post so I can reference it in a post I'm working on about my bedroom.  I see it in the post review but when I search for the November 2013 date, it is not there.  That's because it is still in "draft" stage and was never posted.  So folks, almost one year later I am posting this so I can reference it in my current post.  Makes me wonder what else I forgot to do.

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