Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn Dessert

My job for yesterday was to decide what to make for the neighborhood block party, get the ingredients and then make it.

Click here for the recipe

I selected this cake from my "Special Event Recipes" board on pinterest.  I thought some of the ingredients would be a little different from the normal fare.  They included dates and crystallized ginger.

Mine does not look quite like the picture.  I think I might have over cooked the glaze a bit.  Be forwarned, the recipe lists some ingredients in grams and the temperatures are in celsius so there is some converting to be done.  It also calls for caster sugar, so I pulsed regular sugar in the blender and browned it on a gas burner.  I think my flame was a little high.  Since I can't taste the one in the pinterest photo, I have no idea if it made a big difference in taste.

 Suffice it to say, I will make it again because it tastes pretty darn good.  Second time around I'll have a better handle on watching the burner and being a little more prepared for how I can avoid minor mistakes.

I did not add as much crystallized ginger as garnish because I though the taste might be a little overpowering.  Next time I will doll it up a bit more and allow people to decide for themselves if they want to leave a little of the garnish on the plate.

I like the denseness of this cake for a Fall dessert and the flavors lend themselves nicely to this time of year as well.

Here is how it looked outside at the block party.  The frosting looks more like chocolate than caramel.  Just another little surprise for the taste buds.

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  1. Beautiful fall dessert/surrounding pretties! Marg