Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mini Post #4 Wall Art

Several months ago my friend, Sally, gave me this piece of framed art.

The mat had a little water stain going on so I painted over just the brown mat.

I was not sure where I was going to hang this but finally decided on my bedroom.  Then it sat on the floor behind the door for a very long time until.....

...last week when I found this at the Green Shag Antique Mall.

I determined they worked well together, so I purchased it.  The Eiffel Tower has a piece of plastic, rather than glass, covering it and I think I will be replacing that.  The refection factor is pretty intense.  In the process I may consider a second mat as well.  All that to be determined.

I hung them for now while I think about those things.

I'm also considering a different lamp for the table.  I may try that first before changing the hanging location.

At least this mini project is moving in the right direction.

And I can live with this arrangement for now.

PS:  I found a lamp late yesterday afternoon that I like for this corner.  What do you think?  Is it a keeper?

It is definitely a better reading lamp than the tall one.  And I think the base on this one adds dimension and a reflective quality to the tabletop.  Sounds like I have already made my decision but it's always nice to get a second opinion.

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