Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mini Project #1 Gift Tags

Big projects are on hold right now.  There are things to come in the Spring, but the winter months I'm devoting to those little creative ideas that pop up on Pinterest.  They look cute, I pin them, and then they are forgotten.  It's time to actually make some of those things.  Since  I don't have plans to start the BIG deal for at least three months, I'm hoping my "just for fun" projects don't get derailed, and I will have several mini endeavors to post until sometime in March.

I saved this, or so I thought, to one of my boards because it was too cute (and easy) to pass up.  I wanted some gift tags for Christmas packages and decided these might just be the answer.  Turns out I didn't save it and only have this picture taken of my computer screen.

I did find it in a search on Pinterest, but not the exact same photo.  This one is from Etsy.

I have a huge supply of these tags so it made sense to use them even though the dimensions are different from the ones shown in the picture.  I cut a background paper to glue to the front of the tag, punched the hole back into the top, and I was ready for the second step.

According to the directions on, the bodies were cut from fabric scraps.  I decided that for my purposes, craft paper would work just as well.

I cut out the little egg shape, glued it to the background paper, outlined it with black marker, added the legs and antlers and dotted the eye.  Yes I went with the beak too.  I'm just following along with what's in front of me.

I'm making the strings long enough for the boys to get them over the branches on their tree.  It's a tree they have been decorating since Thanksgiving with ornaments they have made.  I'm confident they will find room for a couple of handmade ornaments from Grandma too.

Obviously a gift tag should have a name on it, but the boys are learning to recognize their own names in print so these serve a dual purpose.

Nothing brilliant here.  Not time consuming either.  Just taking a little time to have some fun.

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