Friday, January 2, 2015

Mini Post #5 Best Bargain

Since my sister was staying with me through the New Year, we did a little after Christmas shopping.  Nothing hard core mind you, just browsing and enjoying the luxury of  shopping without looking for anything in particular.

One place we visited was The White Rabbit where my sister found a lovely soft scarf and...

I bought a set of six mercury glass ornaments.  They are battery operated so they could go almost anywhere.  Today is the first day I gave any thought to where that might be.  And I think I found the spot.

It is a little late for this year but I'm thinking of leaving my holiday decor in place until I rearrange my storage closet. So I arranged these thinking it would be nice to enjoy my 50% off bargain for a while before packing everything away.

With the lights off, it is easier to see the finish on the glass.

Unfortunately they look extremely yellow in the photograph so you don't get the true representation.

I will try another picture when it is dark outside to see if that helps.

As your have probably already figured out, this is taken on my back porch.

The window reflecting the candlier is directly behind my kitchen sink so it's a nice image to see from the kitchen.

I really would love for you to see them without the heavy yellow cast.  I tried sepia to take away the distraction.

I then tried black and white.

I even tried the pencil sketch.

I think the sepia says it best.

I waited until dusk to take another shot at it but no luck.  They really do have a mercury looking white light....if only you could see them in person.  My daughter got a new camera for Christmas.  Maybe she has a filter that will solve my problem.  For now, it is up to your imagination.


  1. Perfect spot for them!

  2. Thanks, Marg. It worked out nicely since there were six candles and six ornaments.