Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mini Post #6 Note Catcher

What's a note catcher?  It is what I call a gift I received from my niece, Stephanie.  I'm sure it has another name but to me it's rather like a dream catcher.  It holds onto those images, quotes, and notes to self so that I am reminded of them periodically.  It served a dual purpose of getting me to tidy up my computer desk.

It has three sections so it can be arranged in a variety of ways.  And, as you can see, I have room for many more items.

I elected to put it next to my computer.  I should probably have my daily "to-do" list hanging on it to remind me that time is passing quickly while I am drifting around in cyber space.

My goal is to freshen my note catcher on a weekly basis.

Maybe I'll include my bulletin board in that rotation as well.

The gift came with a family picture to get me started.  Danny, John, Sheila, Barb and Margaret.  The only sibling not in this shot is Jim.

She also included the following quote.

"I stay in shape by running from commitment"

Gee, if staying in shape were only that easy!

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  1. Interesting note holder-looks great in that corner. Especially like it as a photo holder. That motorcyle photo is priceless! Marg