Monday, January 19, 2015

Mini Post # 7 Seasonal Closet

First off, this was not a mini project although it is a mini post.

 I just want to make sure that even though I am not posting anything creative, you know I'm not on the beach in Tahiti either.  I'm multi-tasking here.  I'm letting you know what has been keeping me from posting something creative, and I'm experimenting with some techniques on PicMonkey.

Not rocket science but challenging enough for someone who was born long before computers became common place.  I took advantage of the 80% off sales after Christmas and chose my color early.

January seemed to buzzing by rather quickly and I was starting to feel the pressure to dismantle the tree.and gather up all those other holiday trims that came out slowly and now have to go back all at one time.

I have a closet on the 3rd floor that measures about 7'x 8'.  It stores many of my seasonal decorations and a few other items when I need a quick place to get something out of sight.

This is how it looked after wrapping presents this year.

Actually this is how it looked for about the last six months.

I basicly had room to swing the door open and step inside.  And this is after I decorated the downstairs with a bunch of stuff that was in here.

How was I going to bring all that holiday decor back into this closet without some straightening?

No need to explain why you aren't seeing any creative projects these days.  I have no time or energy left for the fun stuff right now.  However, now that my closet looks like this...

I will be getting back to something more interesting.  Nothing beautiful about this, but I know what is in each of those bags and it has all been sorted over the last few days.


And there is room to spare. 

Doesn't it look heavenly?  Much more to learn on PicMonkey but this is a start.

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