Friday, February 6, 2015

Breaking News

 A NEW PROJECT has been brewing for awhile now.  I didn't want to reveal it until I was completely sure it was going to happen.  That now seems to be on the horizon.

I thought it might be best to take you full circle around my kitchen in a BEFORE post.  That way when things start happening here, both of us will have a reference for where it all started.  If that sounds like I am finally ready to commit to a kitchen transformation, it was meant to.

I will start with the back door of the house and swing to the right.

The opening on the left takes you to a small pantry and from there branches off to the powder room and to the dining room.  (the story on that part of the house is fully detailed in the archives) You get a glimpse of the enclosed back porch through the door glass and the window. The porch extends across the south wall the length of the kitchen and the pantry. (that story is also archived)

 I want to include a direct view of the sink because this will be important in subsequent posts.

 I am including a closeup of the window for the same reason.

Standing in the pantry opening, I took this shot of the west wall of the kitchen.

Here are those same three overhead cabinets taken from a different angle.

Continuing on along the west wall is the stove, the window with a radiator beneath it, and the door to the basement.
Here is the view looking straight at that window with the basement door on the right.

 The double doors you see in this shot house the refrigerator.  The door to the right leads into a hallway with a door to the dining room (visible in the picture), the stairs to the second floor, and an opening into the foyer.

This shows the entire north wall with the basement door, refrigerator doors, and the hallway to the foyer and front door.  The stairs to the second floor are behind the refrigerator closet.

With the double doors open you can see the refrigerator and a little extra storage space above it.

Turning the corner brings the pantry opening back into view on the right.  The area behind the stools is the walk space leading into the rest of the house.  It is also possible to duck into the pantry, make a quick left into the dining room and come back through the black door seen in the background on the left.  This provides an alternate route and facilitates traffic flow.

And that takes us full circle.  As I hinted earlier in the post, there are changes in store for this kitchen.  I will be discussing those changes in the next post.

PS:  I forgot to show a full view of the island.

Except for the ceiling, I think that covers it.

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