Saturday, February 14, 2015

Counter Top Shopping

Even though I have changed the countertops in my kitchen three times in 38 years, my thrifty nature kept my choices in laminates.

My first choice was this poppy color covering the cabinets and the copper on the island.

When I switched to white cabinets, I chose this teal laminate.  (I know, lousy quality on the picture)

Then came the mottled green.  I am actually pretty fond of this color to this day and of laminate in general.  But, it's now time to give solid surfaces a try.

I have considered a few but this one is the forerunner right now. It is called Rococo.

I am also considering pairing it with one of the concrete looking pieces on the left.  I will probably do the counter tops with the marble looking piece and use the concrete look on the island. (The top piece is my choice for the back splash.)

Gee, it sounds so simple in this post.  How do I convey the agonizing deliberation I have put myself through?  No matter, you have probably all been there.  Of course, this is all subject to change if change is what is required.  It could be cost, or availability, or just a change of direction.

In the next post I will going over the sink choices.

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  1. You didn't show the changes in the butler pantry. Those were pretty remarkable.