Thursday, February 12, 2015

Decision Time

Next on the agenda is to make choices regarding all the new finishes.  To get started on that process there needs to be a theme.  And the components of that theme do have to flow with the rest of the house.

So even though I like a lot of different looks, I can't choose something that is a total departure from the rest of the rooms on the first floor.  In the picture above, the floor really makes the kitchen. However, I have a hardwood floor that is staying. Much as I love the look of tile, my legs prefer standing on wood.

The idea for my new kitchen is in my head, but it's rather like a dream....a little elusive.  Because the kitchen is small, I imagine it being an apartment kitchen in a very old building above the streets of Paris.  (Love the pink walls and black cabinets...not so much the pink trim on the cabinet doors)

 My dream kitchen has a past combined with some current trendy amenities.  I won't be adding exposed plumbing pipes for character, but I am thinking of using some older cabinet doors here and there.  Nothing like these cabinet doors, although they do make a statement.

Black accents are great to tie in to the other parts of the house and gray definitely will help to carry that off as well.  Although white cabinets are timeless, I have white now and I want a change.  The farmhouse sink is a consideration.  I had a table in my kitchen at one time and I adore the look.  But I need the counter height work space of an island and the storage an island provides.  (Drat those practicalities)

That said, I have to start somewhere.

The flue wall over the stove is the logical place for tile.  I considered black before I tried this black paper on the wall to test the look.

Even though it looks pretty cool in this picture, I knew it was not going to please me long term.  (Take out one of those stoves and that wall will be closer to the size wall I will have in my kitchen.)

Choosing the tile is giving me some grief.  I have pretty much ruled out the currently popular subway tiles and am leaning more towards 6x6 or 5x7 sizes.

  However, that limits the choices considerably.
Then finding an appropriate color while keeping an open mind is the next challenge.  To walk into a tile store with only medium gray in mind, provides you with one choice if you are lucky. If you are ruling out mosaics, and subway, and anything larger than an 8x8 you are facing disappointment.

I might be swayed to change my mind about subway tile given this degree of variation in color.  However that brings up another variable called PRICE!

I have not priced this one and I probably won't.  It would be gorgeous on that wall but my guess is it would snag the bulk of the budget.

 Because the flue wall is to be an important focal point, it needs to be just right.  Not too attention grabbing, but not boring either.  Here the range hood takes care of that, but I'm not having a hood and I'm on the lookout for something to take it's place. (Note: Similar width as mine minus a couple burners on the stove.)

  Rest assured I have only shown a snippet of my research on tile.

This particular one is a contender.  It comes 6x6.  It has some interest with the crackle and the shading around the perimeter.  And it does have coordinating pieces.  It also has a lot of reflective quality and the gray tone is warm enough to fall on the cozy side. But a solid wall of this might be boring.  The coordinating pieces are expensive and....

although this idea is pretty, it is too predictable for me.  So I started looked for an accent piece that might break up all that tile.

I was considering some summer covers but I didn't find anything equal to this beauty.

  In that search I did find this heavy plaque.  I like the tree but 1991 had no meaning for me.  1902 would have been slam dunk since that is when my house was built.

Unexpectedly I received an email from brother with a link to this piece on Craig's list.  I immediately got in touch with the woman from a neighboring state.  We worked out a meeting place and before the end of the day, it was in my possession.

Although this paint job isn't bad, the red is not going to work for me.  Modifying it is a story for another post.  I am not 100% sure about this 36"x 36" piece.  I think I have to see it repainted before I make a decision.

 Right now I must see about a counter top that meets all the criteria and works with the tile I have in mind. Until the various elements start coming together, the whole scheme might end up back at the drawing board.

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  1. Oh my, you have stamina! I am tired just reading about all the decision making that lies in your future! So glad it is your forte!