Sunday, February 22, 2015

Flipping the Switch

You're right, it's time to talk lighting.  Specifically I'm going to devote this post to lighting over the island.  For old times sake I have to share a couple photos of lights from a previous era.

This was from the eighties.  (no comments on the wall decor unless you are over 40)

This was probably late nineties and early 2000.  Nothing much changed from that time on except the light fixture.  Same cabinets and same counter top so I think I'm due for an update.

This is what I have now.  It's a fixture I found at The Restore for like $20.  It sat around for awhile until I could get it hung.  When I picked up the globe from the desk top where it had been resting for several weeks, it stuck for just a split second.  That was enough to cause it to crack and leave the rim resting on the desk.  I was dumbfounded and pretty ticked.  Determined not to give up on it,  I glued it and put it up anyway.  I still like it but I want two pendants over my new island, so it has to come down.
Full disclosure:  I dislike about 90% of the lighting I see on the market.  I'm not going to bore you with hundreds of pictures of fixtures I don't like.  (well, maybe just one to make my point)  Besides, lighting is very subject to individual taste and I know I'm kind of an odd duck when it comes to my choices.

Let's talk about a few fixtures I might like for this remodel.

A pair of these would be fabulous if the room was larger and the ceilings a little higher.

Or maybe a trio...say..

THESE. Not sure if I could track them down or if I would be willing to pay the price if I found them.

I pinned these long before I started thinking kitchen remodel.

In a similar vein, these two would certainly be OK with me.

These are a little quiet but maybe that's what it's going to take.

Love the patina on these.  I want a few industrial touches in the room without taking it too far.  These are made out of old propane tanks.  That might be worth investigating.

While we are on that track, what about this one?  I would be very happy with a variation of this.

I really doubt this one is going to cross my path but I just had to show it anyway.

Just had to add this picture because I have always liked this pair.  I just don't think they are what this room needs.
Gee, is that it?  There is one more thing.  I have a pair of fixtures that have been sitting in a box for several years.  I bought them at the Habitat Restore because the price was right and I thought they had potential.  Now the question is:  What do they potentially add to this kitchen remodel?

Overlook the bright brassiness of them.  There is paint in every color so there are options here.  If you have priced lighting lately you will understand why I'm giving these consideration.  They are marked $26 apiece but I'm sure I paid less since I usually don't walk out of that place without getting a discount.  These days you pay that for a couple of light bulbs.  I think I might have to paint these to determine if they will make the cut.  Final decision to follow.

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