Monday, February 9, 2015

How It Looks on Paper

Many thanks to my brother, John, for these drawings.  These are my guide to what is "really" possible in this space and what will forever be just a dream.

South wall elevation showing the back door on the left and the window over the sink on the right.

West wall with stove in the center.

The proposed counter to ceiling cabinets will each be 23" wide.  They will be divided into three sections.

In the bird's eye view you get a better feel for the break between the sink area and the stove area.  There is a plan to provide a connected work space between these areas.  When there is no need to access the dishwasher, a drop in counter will bridge this gap.  This will most likely be a stainless steel top with a short lip on each side to rest on the quartz counter tops.

This is just a short post for clarity.  Keep in mind, the drawing board is still available to tweak these drawings as needed.  Details to follow in the next post.

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